Monday / February 16 / 2009

You only have 3 bands on that bill ?



So I was at my ma’s place a couple of weeks ago and was forced to reclaim some boxes of junk I had hoped to just leave there forever. Aside from my prized collections of Mr. Lincoln’s Logs, assorted rubber band balls and those metal bracelets you slapped on your wrist from back in ’92 was a box of LPs. The LPs weren’t anything to write home about. Mostly leftovers from my youth including a 3 copies of “The Star Wars Story”, soundtracks to all three Star Wars movies, the Star Wars Christmas album “Christmas in the Stars”, and some muppets stuff.
More interesting than that was a dossier shoved in with the records containing many remnants of my HS days, most interesting of which was a stack of old show flyers. In my never ending quest (and never-winning) to purge my life of junk, I scanned ‘em in and chucked em … so here is most of them … I figured out the years by backdating the month/day … yeah, nerdery abounds … it should be noted that I didn’t attend all these shows, but most of them.

June 21, 1995
Mustard Plug
Skavoovie + The Epitones
Hot Stove Jimmy
Tango Wedding Band

June 29, 1995
Gangster Fun
The Eclectics
The Invaders
The Executives

July 27, 1995
Deals Gone Bad
State of Emergency
Tango Wedding Band

December 29, 1995
Hot Stove Jimmy
Jack Rabbit Slim
The Eclectics
The Goofs

October, 1996
The Metro had
a ska show every
weekend. Damn.

March 08, 1997
The MIBs
Real Estate Fraud
The Articles
Peoria Show, not sure how
I got my hands on this one

March 15, 1997
Alpha Skool
Swing Set
Three Days
Sled Napkin

March 21, 1997
Mustard Plug
Parka Kings
The Insyderz
Hot Stove Jimmy

October 03, 1997
The Adjusters
Hi-Ball Holiday
Lee Harvey Skaswald

February 24, 1999
The Decepticonz
The Great Green Gras-Skappa
The Dolemites
Corey Dixon and the Zvooks