Thursday / December 01 / 2011

Yo! Check This New Ish!



Don't call it a comeback!

LL Cool D(rastics) is what we'll be known as from now on …

Yeah amigos, it's been a minute since we've rapped at ya, but we're trying to get back wit it and start bringing you that funky dub/reggae you love so much … Starting with a new website, new mixtape, new video, new shows, new fragrances, new mouse-pad themes, etc and et al ..

Yeah, it's been a minute but we're stoked to announce we got two shows coming up in Chicago over the next two months!

December 17, 2011
Ultra-Lounge, 2169 Milwaukee Ave, Chicago
Featuring MC ZULU pon di mic!
w/ Wild Jesus

January 13, 2012
Martyrs, 3855 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago
Featuring MC ZULU pon di mic!
w/ a whole heap of brass bands

Be lovely to see you lovelies out. That being said, we'll be FINALLY dropping some new material in the near future, for real. We basically got 2 new albums of material recorded but we just been lettin' it marinate for a minute to make sure it got that nice potency we know ya'll have accustomed to!  

In the meantime check out all the new tunes in our new EMMPEETHREE player up at the top … we'll be adding new content to this site over the next week, but we just wanted to get this site going so you knew what was up. So, now that you know what's up, stop actin the fool already!