Wednesday / June 02 / 2010

Where’s My New Music ???




So the First Tuesday of June has come and gone and there ain’t no new Drastic track.

What gives !?


Why you ingratefu … well, we are on the verge of finishing not 1 but 2 albums Mr. Smart-In-The-Mouth so shut it and sit down and finish you fried liver pate or you can’t watch the Timothy Van Patten marathon on TBS!!! Since we were asked to be part of this year’s Sketchbook in Chicago, we took it upon ourselves to write a bunch of new material … and we’ll be dropping 2 albums that couldn’t be more different .. one strikkly dubwise inna rub-a-dub style and the other some modern avante-garde dub freakout shizzz .. ya heard!?

FEAR NOT THOUGH .. we will be releasing something shortly to keep you nice boys and girls satiated, and it’s a first for us .. Gonna take one song from the Drastics catalog and split it up by instrument so you can dub it, remix it, deejay it and version the hell out of some Drastics … it’ll be posted here in the next day or two and if we get some good response we will consider keeping it going (releasing another one next month)

In the meantime, if you live in Chicago get to the Charleston on Thursday to get a slice of Bassie and Drummies record stacks .. yes, Chris and myself gonna be throwin that hot wax like a scented candle from 10pm to close … no cover! (note: scented candle may be sandlewood, those with allergic conditions please bring the appropriate shots)

The annual "I Want To Eat Steve Guttenburg" contest has been moved from Thursday at the Charleston and will now be held around the corner in that one guys van. Present proof of entry in the contest to the bar and get sucker punched by Chris!