Thursday / November 19 / 2009

Third Thursday, Free Mixes, Part 9



Yes yes ya’ll and ya don’t stop! To the beat ya’ll and ya don’t stop. We got the rhythm that’ll make ya body rock.

Aight, now that we got that out the way, welcome back, and please to be considered for you prompt consideration … another Third Thursday, another Mix Tape for ya courtesy of The Blends! This month’s collection is titled "Cornucopious" as a sort of early Thanksgiving treat for ya’ll good lil pilgrims out there. The tracks are mostly dubs and versions of pretty chilled out reggae joints, in some cases we’ve included the original and the version for contrast .. but there’s no "Mayflower" or "Turkey" themes on any of these tunes … just hard hittin reggae jams for ya lil cranberry sauce filled earholes!!


Track List
Intro – King Stitt
Rock and Groove – Bunny Wailer
Dub and Groove – Bunny Wailer
Hap Ki Do Version – Augustus Pablo
You Rest On My Mind – Naggo Morris
You Rest On My Mind Dubwise – Bullwackie
Look Out For The Devil Version – Junior Dan
Juggernaut Dub – King Tubby
Third World Shuffle – Mercenarys
Natty Dread A Weh She Want – Tappa Zukie
Rub A Dub A Weh Them Want – Musical Intermidates
Our Man Flint – Lloyd Young and Augustus Pablo
Harvest in the East – Tommy McCook and The Impact Allstars
Heavenly Dub – King Tubby
Dub Along the Shore – Dr. Ring-Ding & Victor Rice
Rasta Locks – Derrick Harriott
Touch A Dub – Phyllis Dillon
One Way Love – Barry Brown
One Way Dub – Scientist