Thursday / September 17 / 2009

Third Thursday, Free Mixes, Part 7



Well here we go! Back to our regularly scheduled program so put your little busted-ass Speak ‘n Spell down and take that damn Play-Doh out ya mouth! I know it says it ain’t toxic but what if someone else wants to play with it? Ever think of that? Nah, you didn’t did ya? Cause yer too busy practicing yer long division on yer damn Speak n’ Math while shoving yer lil bitch mouth full of Mallomars like it’s goddamn Halloween! Now listen up … it’s another Third Thursday and YES, it’s time for another Free Mix … Part 7 in our series.

Finally had a minute to get a new mix together and so this month we are taking a hard look at long-standing Drastic hornsman Tom Riley. For some reason I always associate ol’ MushMouth Riley with Studio One, ethereal whistling, and instrumentals … Tom is also a big fan of the ska-steady beat … that kind of ska that’s so slow as almost to be rocksteady, but it’s definitely NOT rocksteady … well, if you don’t know what I’m talking, check out the later half of this mix and then go watch some Golden Girls reruns for christ sake. I didn’t even tell ol’ T-Bot Rizzle that I was doing this so he’ll probably be just as surprised as you! So this one goes out to the White Larry Bird of the Tenor … Uncle Term Rerry.

If the download link stops working, drop us a line and we’ll try to get it back up and running

Track List
I’m Sweaty – Tom Riley
Tommy’s Rocking Vibration – Tommy McCook
Love Devine – John Holt
Jah Rock Style – Jackie Mittoo
When Revelution Come – Big Youth
Cool Down The Pace – Gregory Isaacs
Close To Jah – The Skatalites
Rocking Time – Burning Spear
Pepper Rock – Prince Jazzbo
Stick By Me – Dennis Brown
Ghost Capturer – J. Gibbs Allstars
Sweet Loving – Lennie Hibbert
Don’t Rock My Boat – Bob Marley & The Wailers
Dinah – J. Higgs
Here I Stand – Justin Hinds & The Dominoes
Come Running Back – Ken Boothe
Come Running Back Version – Coxsone Dodd
Occupation – Cedric Brooks & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari