Friday / August 21 / 2009

Third Thursday, Free Mixes, Part 6



Well … I am back-dating this post, but don’t you judge me!

We teamed up with our friend Andrew Barker over at Musical Occupation to host this month’s free mix tape! If you’re not familiar with Musical Occupation, they put up a consistent amount of great content: ska/reggae news, interviews, podcasts, etc … check ‘em out!

This month I had to dig deep into the vaults as I was overwhelmed trying to finish up our MJ A Rocker project in-time for MJs birthday. So after perusing the warehouse I decided to dust off the very first mix I ever made .. Reggae House Party! These tunes are like a slow cooker, perfect for chillin’ out too, or (if the feeling’s right) gettin’ up and shakin’ it to .. ! I’m pretty sure this dates back to 2006, and for those of you who have collected the previous 5 mixes, you’ll probably notice a few rough edges on this one, but it’s still a solid play!

The Blends, Reggae House Party

Track List
Dust A Soundboy – Super Beagle
Bam Bam (Version) – Techniques Band
Walk Away From Love – Bitty McLean
You’ve Changed – Al Campbell
Go If You Want – Buju Banton
Take A Ride – Al Campbell
The Rights – Johnny Osbourne and Buru Banton
Bad Boys – Barry Brown
The Big Match – Lone Ranger
Bobby Babylon Pt. 2 – Freddie McGregor
Why Keep A Good Man Down – The Immortals
Why Keep A Good Man Down Dub – The Immortals
Sing Along – Scotty
Guidance – Derrick Harriot
Badness A Madness – Yellowman
Isso (Victor Rice Dub) – Strikkly Vikkly
Till Sun’s In Our Eyes (Version) – DJ Vadim and Demolition Man
No More Crying – The Slackers
Are You Satisfied? (Instrumental) – J-Live
East Of The River Nile – Augustus Pablo

(hosted at Musical Occupation)