Friday / June 19 / 2009

Third Thursday, Free Mixes, Part 4



Ahhhhhhh yes …. gather ’round the fire all you rosy-cheeked little cherubs, it’s time for another installment of our Third Thursday Mixtape Series! Those astute readers might recall that in our last episode I had a premonition this month’s issue would be in honor of Tom’s upcoming shotgun wedding and would be packed full of lovey-love-lover’s rock tunes ‘n what not. Well, we’re once again a day late and a dollar short. At the last minute, Tom was all like "oh, hey, can you do the music for my wedding, but, like, I don’t want you to have to DJ so can you just make the mix ahead of time, and it needs to be like about 90 minutes and can you get it to me soon so I can tell you how much I need changed" (liberties in actual conversation were taken for this dramatic reenactment). So yeah, long story even longer, I didn’t have time to complete a lovely mixtape as all the time I could allot over the last couple weeks for the DJing was devoted to the "non-typical but still cool wedding music" mix.

But fear not fair denizen of the deep, I just pulled an old mix out the vaults, made up some artwork and voila! SO! This month we have Down ‘n Dirty Rocksteady. I realize (now, literally right now as I type this) that the title might be misconstrued as meaning a "slack" or "x-rated" mix, but what I meant was this is a sort-of no-frills mix. I think this mix was made in fall of ’07, and was one of those "I should make a rocksteady tape" thing … don’t feel like I even dug that deep into my own records to make this one, just whatever was hanging around the turntables …

What do the stars hold for next month!? Madam Zoltran forsees good things in your future …

These files will be linked from a file/share site and I don’t know what the restrictions are … they do limit downloads by number or days … so if you want it and can’t get it, drop us a line …

Track List
Let Him Try – Alton Ellis
Lonely Man – Scotty
Congo Call – Bob Andy
Real Hot – Lennie Hibbert
Swinging Chariot – Derrick Harriott
Undying Love – Al Campbell
Undying Dub – Al Campbell
Moody Dub – The Techniques
Once Ago – Gregory Isaacs
whipping the Prince – The Soul Vendors with Alton Ellis
Rock Fort Shock – Price Francis
Natural Natty – the Mighty Diamonds
Young Love Version – Barbara Jones with Big Youth
Puppy Love – The Heptones
Puppy Love Version – The Heptones
Puppy Love – Tiger
Since I Fell For You – Alton Ellis
Stop The Fussing & Fighting – Byron Lee & the Dragonaires
Liquidator – The Harry J. All Stars