Thursday / December 01 / 2011

Third Thursday, Free Mixes, Part 25



The Blends - Killer B

Well what is this early stocking stuffer for all you good boys and girls?


It's the return of the Third Thursday Free Mixes series … Part 25!

Yeah we've missed (you!) more than a couple over the past couple of months so we've gone out of our way to make it up to you with an extra-long jam-packed mix featuring … you guessed … nothin' but B sides.

Now, the B side gets a bad-rap, so don't start thinkin' this is some of yesterday's jam sittin' in a mason jar on your aunties windowsill gettin' all moldy. These are slammin bees, deadly bees, boss bees, ill bees, even .. well, you get the idea. Now there are more ballads/downtempo jams on this mixtape than any other but they are still slammin! Highly recommended would be 'You'll Be Sorry' by The Fascinations (dig the piano fo sho) and 'Never Had It So Good' from Chuck Jackson & Maxine Brown. Also, fans of polyrhythmia will appreciate the bizarre (BIZARRE!) transitions from 4/4 to 6/8, swing to straight and other things that make musicologist wet themselves.


Track List
Ain't No Sunshine – Lyn Collins
He Is The Boy – Little Eva
Tribute To The Don – Tommy McCook
Chicken Necks – Don & Juan
Stalkin' – Duane Eddy
You'll Be Sorry – The Fascinations
Hit And Miss Affair – Night Doctor
Part Two Why DId You – Barbara Jones
Mary Poppins – Danny Simpson
You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming – The Playmates
I'm So Glad – Frankie Karl & The Dreams
Keep On Dubbing – Bigger T
May I Baby – Sam & Dave
The Love I Found In You – Brothers Of Soul
Never Had It So Good – Chuck Jackson & Maxine Brown
Going In The Hole – Ted Taylor
Hip To Your Game – Renaldo Domino
Drop By My Place – Little Carl Carlton
Can't Get Him Off My Mind – Sheryl Swope
No Love Like Your Love – Fantastic Four
Hot Pop – Jo Jo Bennett
Listen To Me – The Esquires
How Can You Tell Me – The Flirtations
Nine Times Out Of Ten – Simtec & Wylie
Keep Him – Barbara Mason