Thursday / May 19 / 2011

Third Thursday, Free Mixes, Part 23



The Blends & Nic The Graduate - Yuh Chat Too Much!

Back on the regular! Lil late on a Thursday, but we got yer monthly mixtape RIGHT HERE PAL. But seriously we do.

And it's another first for The Blends/Third Thursday mixtape series (that I hope becomes a regular thing)… At 30 minutes and 45 seconds, say hello to you brand new collaboration mixtape … with Nic The Graduate .. the beat-maker/producer behind Illuminati Congo who's been filling in for Chris/Bassie at our Charleston DJ monthly the last couple of sessions … Graduate wanted to do a deejay mixtape, and my mother always told me to be polite/baby-gets-what-baby-wants so BAM! Strikkly deejay style pon yer mix … Kept 'em short n sweet and tried to cram as many styles on the list as possible. Some you know; Yellowman, Super Cat.. some you (might) not; U Mike, Shorty The President … regardless, this milkshake will surely bring all the boys/girls to your yard when you put yer speakers out yer window and bump it in the warming weather …

And hey! If you dig the tracks, you can come check get more chat for your dollar (though it's all free) LIVE at the Charleston in Bucktown, Chicago on Thursday May 26, 10pm when PalmDown Sound (your resident Drastic DJs) spin on a Deejay-themed tip. Special Guest Nic The Graduate on board for the musical throwdown.

All Vinyl. No Cover. Good Drinks.


Bump Skank – Dillinger
Welding – I-Roy
Jamaican Thing – Shorty The President
Dread A The President – U Brown
Live Upright – Jah Woosh
Spanish Omega – Dennis Alcapone
Forty Leg Dread – Prince Mohammed
Try It You'll Like It – Scotty
Wrong Girl To Play With – Yellowman
Super Duper – U Mike
Ghetto Dance – Jim Brown
Mosquito 1 – Ringo
No Meat – Jah Batta
Cure For Fever – Josey Wales
Big And Ready – Super Cat