Wednesday / November 17 / 2010

Third Thursday, Free Mixes, Part 20



The Blends Third Thursday Free Mixtape Volume 20: No DJs Volume Two

1 day early cause The Great Turkey Claus told me how good you've been!

Yes! Holy crap-on-a-log … twenty freakin' mixtapes. As I sit here at 4am sipping scotch, it's hard to believe we actually made it to twenty. The big two-oh … What does it all mean!?  Well, at the least it's a sure sign I spend way too much money on records. So here we go, grab a kazoo and skip yer way through the looking glass into a magical musical mysterylogical madrigal madagascarian misanthropic medley of magnanimous melodies. How's THAT for alliteration! I mean, besides the fact it don't make no sense… We got another "killer party tape"(tm) for ya on the d/l (that's download not downlow)! Bunch of soul on this one … and generally less eclectic than last months, but once you get up into the 120+ bpm range, there's not alot of hiphop and reggae to choose from. So deal with it. There is some latin, skinhead reggae, 80s rock, etc … ya know .. the usual bag … so I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore!!  So just grab it and let 'er rip BROTHER!