Friday / October 22 / 2010

Third Thursday, Free Mixes, Part 19



The Blends Third Thursday Free Mixtape Volume 19: No DJs Volume One

2 hours late cause my internet was acting weird!

Saddle up buckaroos cause this month's mixtape is another series-within-the-series edition! Like our 80s Dancehall and Drastics Profile mixes. Presenting for thine listening holes we humbly offer up "No DJs, Volume One". Rare tracks? ehhh, maybe one .. Pop and party jams? That's a big booya! This is actually a segment of a verrrrry long DJ set I did at a Halloween party 2 years ago .. and this years impending hollows eve is what reminded me of it. All I really remember from that night is people losing their sh*t as this mix went on and the record player skipping with more and more frequency as more and more feet befell the wooden floor.   Which is weird cause I barely drank and you'd think I'd remember more … The mix is eclectic (nothing new for The Blends as you regular subscribers can verify) but the selections jump from Jackie Wilson to Nena, Foreigner to Salt N Pepa, De La Soul to Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers… well, you get the picture.  The whole thing fades out on one of the best party jams ever as I wanted to leave you with a sense that it was just getting started … cause the mix went on for another hour after that … and started an hour before the opening track …

So the bad news is I won't be able to crib parts of this mix for this year's Halloween party but the good news is that YOU will be able to bump this at your very own sans-dj costume gala. Act now and we'll include 3 drunk people you don't know to show up at 2am and weird everyone out! Please hurry as supplies are limited. But not really …