Thursday / September 16 / 2010

Third Thursday, Free Mixes, Part 18



The Blends Presents: Andrew

And here it is … The return of The Drastics mixtape series .. and sitting at this month’s "Musical Bema Seat" is mainstay Drastique Trombogouneist, Andrew Zelm, aka Drew, aka Dre, aka Baby Dre, aka Z, aka The Zelmer, aka Z-Bone, aka BonerTron (HAHA yeah, nobody calls him that … UNTIL NOW!) …

So here we go … we’re on the musical chopping block and you have 45 minutes to prepare the MEAL OF A LIFETIME and impress some opinionated and pushy British judge … and what you come up with is a sweet sweet 45 minute set of straight reggae trombone. Yup.   All trombone .. all the time .. You will probably NOT want to listen to ANY trombone for a good while after listening to this mixtape, so fair warning: Pregnant women (who do not want trombonist children), and; People imminently attending Trombone Choir Recitals should NOT listen to this mixtape.

This mix could also easily be called "A Tribute To Vin Gordon" as half the tracks on here feature Mr. Gordon … basically, if you want trombone played outside a ska setting (ie Don Drummond, Rico Rodriguez), Vin is your man … He backed everyone from Alton Ellis to Horace Andy, Augustus Pablo, Culture, Dennis Brown, The Heptones, etc … Not to discount Mr. Drummond either .. Vin was nicknamed "Don Drummond Junior" in the ska days .. but it would be really easy to make a mixtape of only Drummond tunes and, frankly, I don’t think Rico’s work hold’s a candle to either Vin or Don’s work (except maybe the "Man of Wareika Hill" album) … So here it is .. love it or lump it ….