Thursday / April 15 / 2010

Third Thursday, Free Mixes, Part 14



The Blends - The G.I. Mix

Well this one really is a special request and a popular demand! This month’s Third Thursday Mix Tape is a doozy. 36 tracks, over 75 minutes of music .. all dedicated to one man .. The Cool Ruler himself .. Mr. Gregory Isaacs. I’ve had a couple people bugging me to do this mix for a while now, and finally had the time to do the proper research to bring you a near definitive mix of The Lonely Lover. "Near definitive" because a definitive Gregory mix would have to be something like 2+ hours long and boast rare 45s and dubplates I can’t afford! But we humbly offer a nice cross section of the man’s catalog… starting off with his first 45 release "Another Heartache". The mix isn’t chronological and jumps through the decades from rocksteady to roots to lovers rock to 90s dancehall .. the man is a living history of Jamaican music.  Also featured are some of the great Jamaican rhythm sections: Sly & Robbie, Roots Radics, Soul Syndicate, The Revolutionaries, The Upsetters, etc … Definitely some tongue-in-cheek entries in here, specially from his late 80s albums "Private Beach Party" and "Red Rose for Gregory" …

I did my best to hunt down dubs and versions … this is the perfect music for the warming weather, so get on the stoop and turn it up!

Track List
Introduction – The Blends
Another Heartache – Gregory Isaacs
My Religion – Gregory Isaacs
Unitone Skank – Dr. Alimantado
Idler’s Corner – The Mighty Diamonds & Gregory Isaacs
Soon Forward – Gregory Isaacs
Ezekiel 29:13 – Sly & The Revolutionaries
Love Is Overdue – Gregory Isaacs
Love Is Overdue Version – Gregory Isaacs & U Roy
Philistines – Gregory Isaacs
Fugitive Dub – Gregory Isaacs
Night Nurse Intro – The Blends
Night Nurse – Gregory Isaacs
Night Nurse Dub 2 – Gregory Isaacs
Grow Closer Together – Gregory Isaacs
My Number One – Gregory Isaacs
Number One Version – Trinity
Sad To Know (You’re Leaving) – Gregory Isaacs
Way Of Life – Gregory Isaacs
Something Nice – Gregory Isaacs
Ghardaia Dub – Prince Far I
Jailer – Gregory Isaacs
Waterfall Dub – Gregory Isaacs
Permanent Lover – Gregory Isaacs
Can I Change My Mind – Gregory Isaacs
Changing Dub – Gregory Isaacs
Feeling Irie – Gregory Isaacs & Carlene Davis
Loving Pauper – Gregory Isaacs
I Am Alright – Big Youth
De Pauper A Dub – Duke Reid
My Time – Gregory Isaacs
Downpressor – Gregory Isaacs & Baja Jedd
Guilty – Gregory Isaacs
In My Nest – Gregory Isaacs & General TK
Overdrive – Gregory Isaacs
Each Day – Gregory Isaacs

The Original Lovers Rock

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