Tuesday / February 23 / 2010

Third Thursday, Free Mixes, Part 12



Moongriffin - Chaineckitchensitter

Well, 1 day, 2 days … 4 days .. 2 business days. Yeah well …. it’s cause this month’s Free Mix is actually brand new music from our boy Moongriffin. Him and the crew been working on this disc for a hot minute .. but when your recording sessions keep getting broke up by dudes rolling in and pullin’ they own heads off to unleash 50 ghosts … well … sh*t takes a minute, aight!?

Part-time door-to-door lightbulb salesman, part-time intergalactic space warrior, Moongriffin in locked in constant combat with the forces of evil who are out to destroy him. Whether they come as goblins, zombie free-jazz musicians, or his evil twin brother he didn’t know he had .. he’s ready with an arsenal of weapons ranging from battle axes to the most intense stare this side of a corpse with it’s eyes open. Picking up help when he needs it from his boys Phantom Crew of Intelligent Robots, HalFlife, Ankleface, Bill Collecta and Dr. Axe .. they’ll be chillin’ in a train yard swingin’ chainlocks and hangin’ wit real scary bums until they gots to get to the Elk’s Club!!!!!

Download the whole album in CD quality via Bandcamp ….