Monday / February 01 / 2010

Ralph ‘Soul’ Jackson Meets The Drastics In Dub, Part 2




Ralph Soul Jackson Meets The Drastics In Dub, Part 2

Well the story remains the same. Read about it here if you missed the first installment of "Ralph Soul Jackson Meets The Drastics In Dub". This time around we have an oldie, "Set Me Free" and a new tune by Mr. Jackson, "Searchin’". Both get the solid dub treatment and are up for your ear’s satisfaction on our MySpace page … move in the right direction ….

This will (sadly) be the last of the Ralph Vs Drastics series .. the other 92 hours of tape we recorded (including an impromptu "Spoon & Saw" improvisation by Mr. Jackson that lasted the better portion of a whole day and a group variation on a Chinese theme by Cecil Taylor) were destroyed by water damage when the studio was attacked by fire ants.

Free To Dub & A Missing Dub

Ralph "Soul" Jackson – Vocals, Hammond Organ; Elliot Ross – Guitar; Chris Merrill – Bass, Percussion; Anthony Abbinanti – Drums, Fender Rhodes, B Sax, Percussion; Tom Riley – T Sax; Andrew Zelm – Trombone; Gerald Bailey – Trumpet.