Tuesday / July 06 / 2010

Plus Two Minus One, Live At The Chopin Theater



The Drastics, Live At The Chopin Theater

To make up for last month’s epic fail of not posting a new tune, we humbly offer you ingrates this … a free live EP for the downloading.  That’s about right …  5 tracks, 2 new compositions and 3 group improvisations all recorded live at Sketchbook X on June 17, 2010.

I brought a portable recorder and a handful of mics to the gig hoping to capture whatever happened, and the result is some pretty electrifying group playing that teeters between the Sun Ra and Lee Perry schools of music. Drastics’ Tenorman Tom couldn’t make the gig so we asked our good friends Charles Gorczynski and Nate Lepine to sit in. That left us dub-less and forced the focus onto individual improvisation.

Check it out on BandCamp and preview the songs, download individual ones or the whole album! This music is definitely charting some abstract territories so fare-thee-warned it’s not for the faint hearted.

Charles Gorczynski: Alto Sax; Nate Lepine: Tenor Sax; Andrew Zelm: Trombone, Melodica; Brian Citro: Guitar; Chris Merrill: Double Bass; Anthony Abbinanti: Drums.


<a href="http://thedrastics.bandcamp.com/album/plus-two-minus-one-live-at-the-chopin-theater" _fcksavedurl="http://thedrastics.bandcamp.com/album/plus-two-minus-one-live-at-the-chopin-theater">Change Of Plans by The Drastics</a>