Friday / April 09 / 2010




This is the only footage of Larry Young I could find online … he’s playing with Tony Williams and is the guy dressed like he just got a camel caravan. But seriously, if ya’ll don’t know bout Larry Young you better get hip. I’ve heard alot of critics call him the "John Coltrane" of the Hammond .. wait for that beat to drop at the 4 minute mark!

I think because of Jimmy Smiths omnipresence in the world of the Hammond Organ, it’s easy to not give him the attention he warrants .. and sure, he put out a ton of cheesy and/or boring albums in the late 70s and 80s (I know, I have most of them) .. but back in ’64 he was still working it, hard. Check out at 4:07 (when he starts holding that F key down) how much he does with 4 fingers …. all the while still copping the bassline … unreal.