Thursday / December 01 / 2011

New Video, Dumb Hole, Live Cassette Dub




So some of you might not know (but now ya know) that Mad Anthony from The Drastics has been doing live dub off a cassette deck (as inspired by the man Dub Robot) at shows and parties over the later part of this year. We've been taking the plethora of riddims recorded over the years at Drastics HQ (aka Dirty North), dumping it onto that sweet 1/8" of tape and bringing the dub-of-many to the masses. It does sound surprisingly fat.

Well here's a snippet of a brand new Drastics track we recorded this fall given the ol' live dub treatment. Dumb Hole (A Sonic Black Hole) features Chris (bass), Anthony (drums, keys) & Luke (guitar) on a hard mixdown mixed with sweet 80s reggae fashion. Literally though, fashion.