Volume 29 / January 2014

Who Is The Champion Bubbler?

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  1. Bubbler Intro – The Blends
  2. Bubble With Me – D.J. Django
  3. Bubble Under Me – Errol Scorcher
  4. Super Duper – U Mike
  5. Unknown – Unknown (Blank Label 7″ Stamped ‘Bubble’)
  6. Bubblin She Want – Echo Minott
  7. What A Bubbling – Triston Palmer
  8. Bubble Tea – Victor Rice
  9. Bubble With Mi Ting – Yellowman
  10. Bubbling Love – Prince Mohammed
  11. Bubble Up Yu Hip – Eek A Mouse
  12. Champion Bubbler – K. Johnson
  13. Champion Bubbler – Pinchers
  14. Bubbling Stylee – Echo Minott
  15. Bubbling Time – Michael Buckley
  16. Dance Hall Bubbler – Rupie Culture

Who IS the Champion Bubbler? Maybe this mixtape will help you get a bit closer to finding out. But probably not. Whether you want to bubble wit yuh ting, bubble under di fat gyal, or just bubble inna dancehall stylee .. We got you covered.

I got flagged for ‘copyright material’ on some of these older mixtapes (which are now all available again for some unknown reason) .. So as a precaution this is the first Blends mixtape in it’s single-track format … Hope that’s OK ! If not …….. .. . . … . .. . …..


Volume 28 / October 2012

Give Jah The Praise

/ / /

  1. Give Jah The Praise Intro – The Blends
  2. Imperial I – Prince Jazzbo
  3. Roots Man Revival – Mikey Dread
  4. His Imperial Majesty – Twinkle Brothers
  5. His Majesty Dub – Twinkle Brothers
  6. Ethiopia – Michael Prophet
  7. Praise Fari – Leroy Sibbles
  8. Coming of Jah – Earl Zero
  9. Never Give Jah Up – Sugar Minott
  10. Never Gonna Give Up Dub – Sugar Minott
  11. I And I A The Chosen One – Prince Far I
  12. Beat Down Babylon – Junior Byles
  13. Trad On – Barry Brown
  14. Kushy I – Winston McAnuff
  15. Holy Mount Zion – Freddie McGregor
  16. Jah Rasta – Culture
  17. Beautiful Rainbow – Leroy Smart
  18. Wicked Can’t Run Away – Glenroy Richards
  19. Prophesy – Justin Hinds & The Dominoes
  20. Jah Love – The Abyssinians
  21. Rastafari Calling – Ranking Superstar

Nothin too crazy with this mix … Just all sorts of songs singin praise onto The King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah … Jah Rastafari …


Volume 27 / September 2012

Gunman! Leave Gun Business Alone!

/ / / /

  1. Gunman Intro – The Blends
  2. Blam Blam Fever (Guns Fever) – The Valentines
  3. Gun Hawk – Al Campbell
  4. Gun Man – Dudley Sibley
  5. Youth Man Penitentiary – Edi Fitzroy
  6. Tribal War – Little Roy
  7. Hooligan Stop a While – Prince Mohammed
  8. Murderer – Barrington Levy
  9. Crime – Eek-A-Mouse
  10. Bad Man Possee – Junior Murvin feat. Roots Radics
  11. Don’t Take Your Gun To Town – Jah Woosh
  12. Gun The Man Down – Dice The Boss
  13. Wailiing Rudy – Gregory Isaacs
  14. Stop Your Gun Shooting – Errol Dunkley
  15. Stop Your Gun Shooting (Dubwise) – Errol Dunkley
  16. Johnny Make You Bad So – Lone Ranger
  17. Hell In A Town – Wayne Palmer
  18. Badness A Madness – Yellowman
  19. Crime Don’t Pay – Bob Andy
  20. Gimme Mi Gun – Dr. Alimantado
  21. Throw Down Your Arms – Burning Spear

If you haven’t been made aware of the insane increase in violence & shootings in Chicago over the last months you either never read the news, or, you live somewhere without any sort of connection to the rest of the planet .. like, under a rock. Cause it has been gettin’ cold dumb around here with how many badboys need to flex and pop off the next man over nothing. Certain neighborhoods on the South Side have seriously gone borderline-warzone status …

So here we come with a special request to all Gunman! Leave Gun Business Alone! A topical edition for ya’lls lil’ head domes to wrap it’s brain assunder upon. Strictly gunman and badboy lyrics we play .. And none of that glamorizing gangsta culture sh*t … If cautionary tales exist in the reggae community, some of these tunes would probably be the closest thing to them … Also, maybe this will help in eliminating the use of the word ‘rude’ in non-jamaican bands’ names. Rudeboy business is gangster business … Nothing righteous or cutesie about it.


Volume 26 / May 2012

Reggae Synthesis

/ /

  1. Introduction – The Blends
  2. Spying Glass – Horace Andy
  3. Willow Tree – Black Uhuru
  4. Accept My Apology – B.B. Seaton
  5. Interlude 1 – The Blends
  6. Tell Them A Ready – Barrington Levy
  7. Lazer Eyes – Sly & Robbie
  8. How Could I Live – Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
  9. Social Justice – Mighty Two
  10. Unknown – Unknown
  11. Take Care of the Youths – The Viceroys
  12. Mackarus Serenade – Joe Gibbs & The Professionals
  13. Interlude 2 – The Blends
  14. Single Barrel – Dave and Ansil Collins
  15. Time of Decision – Ken Boothe
  16. Roots Train – Derrick Harriott
  17. Star Trek – The Vulcans

Wow it’s been a long time since we rapped at ya .. But things are still happening … Next couple weeks we’re gonna be up on this BLOG ish quite a bit .. Some new tracks, some previews of other new tracks, some upcoming shows, solo tours, yeahhhhhh ya know!

And so to start it off we got a brand new mixtape for ya’lls … A special collaboration with Chicago’s ‘Simmer Down Sundays’ ( Our friends Akasha’s free reggae night held every last Sunday at the Double Door). Simmer Down Sundays features a rotating cast of selectors, deejays and bands is arguably the most important reggae happening in the city. Drastics drummer Anthony (aka King Tony) has dropped his ‘live-dub-via-cassette’ performance there a couple times now, and collaborated with The Blends on this new mix .. Reggae Synthesis .. It’s ya know, like, when the guy (or gal) in your band gets a new pedal or new percussion toy and just throws-up all over the track using it to death? Well this mixtape is orta like that, but with rastas and synthesizers.


Volume 25 / December 2011

Killer B

/ /

  1. Ain’t No Sunshine – Lyn Collins
  2. He Is The Boy – Little Eva
  3. Tribute To The Don – Tommy McCook
  4. Chicken Necks – Don & Juan
  5. Stalkin’ – Duane Eddy
  6. You’ll Be Sorry – The Fascinations
  7. Hit And Miss Affair – Night Doctor
  8. Part Two Why DId You – Barbara Jones
  9. Mary Poppins – Danny Simpson
  10. You Can’t Stop Me From Dreaming – The Playmates
  11. I’m So Glad – Frankie Karl & The Dreams
  12. Keep On Dubbing – Bigger T
  13. May I Baby – Sam & Dave
  14. The Love I Found In You – Brothers Of Soul
  15. Never Had It So Good – Chuck Jackson & Maxine Brown
  16. Going In The Hole – Ted Taylor
  17. Hip To Your Game – Renaldo Domino
  18. Drop By My Place – Little Carl Carlton
  19. Can’t Get Him Off My Mind – Sheryl Swope
  20. No Love Like Your Love – Fantastic Four
  21. Hot Pop – Jo Jo Bennett
  22. Listen To Me – The Esquires
  23. How Can You Tell Me – The Flirtations
  24. Nine Times Out Of Ten – Simtec & Wylie
  25. Keep Him – Barbara Mason

Now, the B side gets a bad-rap, so don’t start thinkin’ this is some of yesterday’s jam sittin’ in a mason jar on your aunties windowsill gettin’ all moldy. These are slammin bees, deadly bees, boss bees, ill bees, even .. well, you get the idea. Now there are more ballads/downtempo jams on this mixtape than any other but they are still slammin! Highly recommended would be ‘You’ll Be Sorry’ by The Fascinations (dig the piano fo sho) and ‘Never Had It So Good’ from Chuck Jackson & Maxine Brown. Also, fans of polyrhythmia will appreciate the bizarre (BIZARRE!) transitions from 4/4 to 6/8, swing to straight and other things that make musicologist wet themselves.


Volume 24 / July 2011

Soundcraft 2


  1. Martin Luther King – Scientist w/ The Forces of Music
  2. Firehouse Special – Prince Jammy
  3. Peaceful Man Dub – Rockers All Stars
  4. March Down Babylon Dub – Prince Douglas
  5. In Those Days – Burning Spear
  6. Galong So Dub – Bunny Wailer
  7. Mr. Walker Dub – King Tubby
  8. Wicked Dub – The Revolutionaires
  9. Iron Bar Dub – Linton Kwelsi Johnson
  10. Idlers Rest – Joe Gibbs & The Professionals
  11. None A Jah Jah Children No Cry – Ras Michael
  12. Fun & Games – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
  13. Round 9 – Scientist w/ Roots Radics

A hardass dubwise mixtape for ya’lls little boiled cauliflower ears.


Volume 23 / May 2011

Yuh Chat Too Much!

/ /

  1. Bump Skank – Dillinger
  2. Welding – I-Roy
  3. Jamaican Thing – Shorty The President
  4. Dread A The President – U Brown
  5. Live Upright – Jah Woosh
  6. Spanish Omega – Dennis Alcapone
  7. Forty Leg Dread – Prince Mohammed
  8. Try It You’ll Like It – Scotty
  9. Wrong Girl To Play With – Yellowman
  10. Super Duper – U Mike
  11. Ghetto Dance – Jim Brown
  12. Mosquito 1 – Ringo
  13. No Meat – Jah Batta
  14. Cure For Fever – Josey Wales
  15. Big And Ready – Super Cat

And it’s another first for The Blends/Third Thursday mixtape series (that I hope becomes a regular thing)… At 30 minutes and 45 seconds, say hello to you brand new collaboration mixtape … with Nic The Graduate .. the beat-maker/producer behind Illuminati Congo. Strikkly deejay style pon yer mix … Kept ‘em short n sweet and tried to cram as many styles on the list as possible. Some you know; Yellowman, Super Cat.. some you (might) not; U Mike, Shorty The President … regardless, this milkshake will surely bring all the boys/girls to your yard when you put yer speakers out yer window and bump it in the warming weather …


Volume 22 / April 2011



  1. Turn Back The Hands of Time – Winston Francis (Tyrone Davis)
  2. Gonna Take A Miracle – Cornell Campbell (The Royalettes)
  3. Fever – Junior Byles (Little Willie John)
  4. Love T.K.O. – Hugh Porter (Teddy Pendergrass)
  5. Gimme Little Sign – Hepcat (Brenton Wood)
  6. So Unusual – George Allison (The Impressions)
  7. You Dont Care – Lloyd Sparks (The Impressions)
  8. Human Nature – Jrn Reid (MJ)
  9. Baby Now That I Found You – Alton Ellis (The Foundations)
  10. Private Number – Honey Boy (Judy Clay and William Bell)
  11. Aint No Sunshine – Horace Andy (Bill Withers)
  12. Never Had A Dream Come Through – Glen Adams & Upsetters (Stevie Wonder)
  13. Moving Away – Ken Booth (Kenny Lynch)
  14. Lonely Man Am I – The Techniques (The Temptations)
  15. Too Late To Turn Back – Alton Ellis (Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose)

We humbly offer to the court of yer listening pleasure, surprise witness Reggae/Soul. An all thriller, no filler, 15 track attack of soul tunes gone down the JA-way. Of course to the inundated listener, the connection between soul and reggae is obvious, and soul/reggae comps aren’t exactly hard to find, but we think you’ll enjoy our special blend of common-and-obscure, northern-and-southern, contemporary-and-classic styles on this mix. I mean, Teddy Pendergrass tunes covered in a reggae style? WHACHUTHAWTYOONOO??.


Volume 21 / February 2011


/ /

  1. Move – Miles Davis
  2. Gonna Move – Paul Pena
  3. No More Shall I Roam – Jah Woosh
  4. Sad To Know (Your Leaving) – Gregory Isaacs
  5. Move Up – Al & The Vibrators
  6. Flying Home – Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
  7. Move On Up – Greyhound
  8. Won’t You Come Home – Delroy Wilson
  9. Move It Up – Wentworth Vernal
  10. Move It – Declaime
  11. Next Movement – The Roots
  12. Changes – Clarence Carter
  13. Move – Ty
  14. We Are Neighbors – The Chi-Lites
  15. Home Made – Jackie Mitoo & The Soul Brothers
  16. Move Me – The Upsetters
  17. I Want To Go Home – Derrick Morgan
  18. That Place – Buddy Miles

Oh boy … The Drastics resident recording studio Dirty North has moved on up to a bigger and badder home. We’ll miss the old digs for sure, but our new space is nearly twice as big and has room for building out a much more professional recording space. So anyway, here is January’s installment of The Blends free mixtape (in February, yes WE KNOW) … appropriately entitled “Move/Home”! And if you detect a theme, you’d be right … all of the songs either have to do with (or are named) on the theme of moving or home.


Volume 20.5 / December 2010

Drastic Radio

/ / /

  1. The Skatalites – Lon Chaney
  2. Prince Jammy & Black Uhuru – Eden Dub
  3. Jah Batta – Youthman Time
  4. The Senior Allstars – Sniff Dub
  5. Rhygin Rockers – Spooky
  6. Derrick Harriot – Harmony In Dub
  7. The Drastics feat. MC Zulu – Striped Curtain Dub
  8. Prince Jammy – Sleng Teng Riddim
  9. The Drastics feat. MC Zulu – No Lies
  10. Duke Reid & Alton Ellis – Willow Tree Dub
  11. Dillinger – Middle East Rock
  12. Jah Woosh – Danger Man
  13. The Wailing Souls – Jah Give Us Life/Don’t Feel No Way
  14. Prince Jammy & Black Uhuru – Firehouse Special
  15. U-Roy – Fire In A Trenchtown
  16. The Skatalites – Lon Chaney

We took over the airwaves at KDHX in St. Louis a few weekend ago for a guest set on Ska’s The Limit. So this is a 1-track mp3 of that set, plus some bonus material we couldn’t fit in, and alot of the talkover stuff taken out as well … there is some blending, but it’s mostly just a hard/rare dub/dee-jay mix. Drastics Radio.


Volume 20 / November 2010

No DJs, Vol. 2

/ /

  1. Mother Popcorn – James Brown
  2. Satisfaction – Otis Redding
  3. Raspberry Beret – Prince
  4. Let It Be – The Mohawks
  5. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg – The Temptations
  6. Soul Freedom – Ray Fernandez
  7. Do Something For Yourself – Bobby Powell
  8. Vuelveme Negrita Mia – Les Shleu-Shlue
  9. Take This Train To Freedom – The New Birth
  10. Manuel – The Slackers
  11. Just What I Needed – The Cars
  12. No Call Dread Name – The Itals
  13. Soul Ain’t No New Thing – Boobie Knight & The Soulciety
  14. Hey Sister – Monguito Santamaria

Yes! Holy crap-on-a-log … twenty freakin’ mixtapes. As I sit here at 4am sipping scotch, it’s hard to believe we actually made it to twenty. The big two-oh … What does it all mean!?  Well, at the least it’s a sure sign I spend way too much money on records. So here we go, grab a kazoo and skip yer way through the looking glass into a magical musical mysterylogical madrigal madagascarian misanthropic medley of magnanimous melodies. How’s THAT for alliteration! I mean, besides the fact it don’t make no sense… We got another “killer party tape”(tm) for ya on the d/l (that’s download not downlow)! Bunch of soul on this one … and generally less eclectic than last months, but once you get up into the 120+ bpm range, there’s not alot of hiphop and reggae to choose from. So deal with it. There is some latin, skinhead reggae, 80s rock, etc … ya know .. the usual bag … so I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore!!  So just grab it and let ‘er rip BROTHER!


Volume 19 / October 2010

No DJs, Vol. 1

/ / /

  1. Bicho Do Mato – Jorge Ben
  2. Higher and Higher – Jackie Wilson
  3. 99 Red Balloons – Nena
  4. I Love Rock N Roll – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
  5. Take A Walk On The Wild Side – Lou Reed
  6. Frontin’ – Pharrell
  7. Beautiful – Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrell
  8. If You Want Me To Stay – Sly & The Family Stone
  9. Feels Like The First Time – Foreigner
  10. Let’s Talk About Sex – Salt N Pepa
  11. Break My Stride – Matthew Wilder
  12. Could You Be Loved – Bob Marley & The Wailers
  13. Son De La Loma – The GIlberto Sextet
  14. Grazing In The Grass – Hugh Masekela
  15. Groovin’ – The Esquires
  16. We Got Our Bag – Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson
  17. Signed, Sealed, Delivered – Stevie Wonder
  18. Me, Myself and I – De La Soul
  19. Don’t Do Me Like That – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Saddle up buckaroos cause this month’s mixtape is another series-within-the-series edition! Like our 80s Dancehall and Drastics Profile mixes. Presenting for thine listening holes we humbly offer up “No DJs, Volume One”. Rare tracks? ehhh, maybe one .. Pop and party jams? That’s a big booya! This is actually a segment of a verrrrry long DJ set I did at a Halloween party 2 years ago .. and this years impending hollows eve is what reminded me of it. All I really remember from that night is people losing their sh*t as this mix went on and the record player skipping with more and more frequency as more and more feet befell the wooden floor.   Which is weird cause I barely drank and you’d think I’d remember more … The mix is eclectic (nothing new for The Blends as you regular subscribers can verify) but the selections jump from Jackie Wilson to Nena, Foreigner to Salt N Pepa, De La Soul to Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers… well, you get the picture.  The whole thing fades out on one of the best party jams ever as I wanted to leave you with a sense that it was just getting started … cause the mix went on for another hour after that … and started an hour before the opening track …

So the bad news is I won’t be able to crib parts of this mix for this year’s Halloween party but the good news is that YOU will be able to bump this at your very own sans-dj costume gala. Act now and we’ll include 3 drunk people you don’t know to show up at 2am and weird everyone out! Please hurry as supplies are limited. But not really …


Volume 18 / September 2010



  1. Fly Away – Vin Gordon & The Upsetters
  2. More Scorcha – Count Machuki & Sound Dimension
  3. Soulful Roots – Dub Specialist
  4. Session Begin – Rico & The Rudies
  5. Quick Stick – Dub Specialist
  6. Red Blood – Vin Gordon
  7. Close To Jah – The Skatalites
  8. Real Rock – Sound Dimension
  9. Flight To Nowhere – Sly & Robbie
  10. Engine Engine Number 9 – Dennis Alcapone
  11. On The Move – The Soulmates
  12. Thoroughfare – Don Drummond & The Skatalites
  13. Babylon Rock – Vin Gordon
  14. Big Trombone – The Skatalites & Lord Tanamo
  15. Man From Wareika Dub – Rico Rodriguez

So here we go … we’re on the musical chopping block and you have 45 minutes to prepare the MEAL OF A LIFETIME and impress some opinionated and pushy British judge … and what you come up with is a sweet sweet 45 minute set of straight reggae trombone. Yup. All trombone .. all the time .. You will probably NOT want to listen to ANY trombone for a good while after listening to this mixtape, so fair warning: Pregnant women (who do not want trombonist children), and; People imminently attending Trombone Choir Recitals should NOT listen to this mixtape.


Volume 17 / August 2010

Rub-A-Dub Fashion, Part 2

/ /

  1. World A Music – Ini Kamoze
  2. Melchesedec (The High Priest) – Augustus Pablo
  3. Time So Hard – Al Campbell
  4. Dub So Hard – Al Campbell
  5. Bobo Dread – Josey Wales
  6. Junk Food – Mutabaruka & The Hight Times Players
  7. Food Dub – Mutabaruka & The Hight Times Players
  8. Dance Hall Session – Huge Griffith
  9. Come Back Charlie – Charlie Chaplin
  10. Revolution Dub – Dennis Brown
  11. Synthesizer Voice – Pompidoo
  12. Me A Cooker – Tonto Irie
  13. Inner City Blues – Delroy Wilson
  14. Healthy Body, Part 1 – Admiral Bailey
  15. Computer – Ugliman

DAMN! It’s hot up in here for reals. Well, here as promised is yer second installment of Rub-A-Dub Fashion! Got a little more “out” on this one, and there are definitely some tongue-in-cheek selections to prove it … Including but not limited to 2 different tracks promoting Synthesizers and Computers, a track by Charlie Chaplin which breaks into 80s pop-tune-medleys, Mutabaruka warning on the ills of junk food and a rub-a-dub version of Marvin Gayes “Innercity Blues” … yowza! The mix “slowly” blends into more .. how should I say.. Jamaican-centric tunes that never gained much popularity off the island. These tracks are definitely “strange” to Americans and people with more of a blues/rock musical background .. bizarre casio-driven riddims with Jamaican cats talking in heavy patois over them.. using slang and describing situations only relevant to native JAers. But it’s hard to argue that modern dancehall hasn’t had a major influence on modern electronic/dance music (as well as vice-versa).. and these kinds of tracks are the roots. Anyway, if you don’t like ‘em I ain’t gonna be mad at ya. Just gonna put you in the corner with a bag over yer head until you DO!!!!


Volume 16 / July 2010

Rub-A-Dub Fashion, Part 1

/ /

  1. In This Time – Sugar Minott
  2. I Need Your Loving – Frankie Paul
  3. Ghettology – John Steele
  4. Nancy Reagan Re-Election Mix (Short Version) – Papa Kojie & Blue Riddim
  5. Weeping Willow – Black Uhuru & Prince Jammy
  6. Break Down The Walls – Mikey Dread
  7. African Girl – Lee Van Cliff
  8. Big Ship – Freddie McGregor
  9. You Na Love Reggae Music – Eek-A-Mouse
  10. Thank You Jah – Michigan & Smiley
  11. Come Back – Coco Tea
  12. Horseman Skabay Version – Sagittarius Band
  13. Tell It To Her – Cultural Roots
  14. Drunk Master – Sly & Robbie
  15. Festives ……… Jam Rock Dub – Ringcraft Possy
  16. Thousand Things On My Mind – Danny Mangaroo
  17. Gunman / Gunman Connection (Medley) – Yellowman
  18. Jah Is Love – Scientist & Roots Radics

I think this era of reggae gets a bad rap, but knowing how trends cycle every 20 years (30 for Jamaican trends) it will be popular in about 10 years. This is a real nice mix of both singers, crooners, djs, dubs, live bands, digital productions, etc … Worth the download just to hear Lee Van Cliff shamelessly ripping off Eek-A-Mouse and Papa Kojie toasting about Nancy Regan sitting on Mr. T’s lap!


Volume 15 / May 2010



  1. Son Of The Soul – Roots Manuva
  2. Repetitive Loop – Herbaliser
  3. Dig This – I-Cue
  4. Spark (DJ Vadim Remix) – Souls Of Mischief
  5. Visuals – Caural
  6. KC Doppler – Slide Five Trio
  7. The L – The Khromozomes
  8. Where It All Started – Ohmega Watts
  9. We Got It – Zion I
  10. Sunrays – YNQ
  11. Microphone Master – Phat Kat & Jay-Dee
  12. Proceed (Live) – The Roots
  13. Mellow My Man (Live) – The Roots
  14. Car Horn – Common & 45 King
  15. In-Flux (Alternative Interlude ’93 Mix) – DJ Shadow
  16. On The Dub-ble – DJ Krush
  17. Mr. Jolly Live’s Next Door – The Prunes
  18. It’s In Our Hands (Arcade Mix) – Bjork

On the real though, this mix has got some wicked instrumental cuts from obscure groups like The Prunes, The Khromozones and Slide Five Trio as well as joints from household names like Common and The Roots …


Volume 14 / April 2010

The G.I. Mix

/ /

  1. Introduction – The Blends
  2. Another Heartache – Gregory Isaacs
  3. My Religion – Gregory Isaacs
  4. Unitone Skank – Dr. Alimantado
  5. Idler’s Corner – The Mighty Diamonds & Gregory Isaacs
  6. Soon Forward – Gregory Isaacs
  7. Ezekiel 29:13 – Sly & The Revolutionaries
  8. Love Is Overdue – Gregory Isaacs
  9. Love Is Overdue Version – Gregory Isaacs & U Roy
  10. Philistines – Gregory Isaacs
  11. Fugitive Dub – Gregory Isaacs
  12. Night Nurse Intro – The Blends
  13. Night Nurse – Gregory Isaacs
  14. Night Nurse Dub 2 – Gregory Isaacs
  15. Grow Closer Together – Gregory Isaacs
  16. My Number One – Gregory Isaacs
  17. Number One Version – Trinity
  18. Sad To Know (You’re Leaving) – Gregory Isaacs
  19. Way Of Life – Gregory Isaacs
  20. Something Nice – Gregory Isaacs
  21. Ghardaia Dub – Prince Far I
  22. Jailer – Gregory Isaacs
  23. Waterfall Dub – Gregory Isaacs
  24. Permanent Lover – Gregory Isaacs
  25. Can I Change My Mind – Gregory Isaacs
  26. Changing Dub – Gregory Isaacs
  27. Feeling Irie – Gregory Isaacs & Carlene Davis
  28. Loving Pauper – Gregory Isaacs
  29. I Am Alright – Big Youth
  30. De Pauper A Dub – Duke Reid
  31. My Time – Gregory Isaacs
  32. Downpressor – Gregory Isaacs & Baja Jedd
  33. Guilty – Gregory Isaacs
  34. In My Nest – Gregory Isaacs & General TK
  35. Overdrive – Gregory Isaacs
  36. Each Day – Gregory Isaacs

Well this one really is a special request and a popular demand! This month’s Third Thursday Mix Tape is a doozy. 36 tracks, over 75 minutes of music .. all dedicated to one man .. The Cool Ruler himself .. Mr. Gregory Isaacs. I’ve had a couple people bugging me to do this mix for a while now, and finally had the time to do the proper research to bring you a near definitive mix of The Lonely Lover. “Near definitive” because a definitive Gregory mix would have to be something hours and hours long and boast rare 45s and dubplates I can’t afford! The man’s career stretched 4 decades! But we humbly offer a nice cross section of the man’s catalog… starting off with his first 45 release “Another Heartache”. The mix isn’t chronological and jumps through the decades from rocksteady to roots to lovers rock to 90s dancehall .. the man is a living history of Jamaican music.  Also featured are some of the great Jamaican rhythm sections: Sly & Robbie, Roots Radics, Soul Syndicate, The Revolutionaries, The Upsetters, etc … Definitely some tongue-in-cheek entries in here, specially from his late 80s albums “Private Beach Party” and “Red Rose for Gregory” …

I did my best to hunt down dubs and versions … this is the perfect music for the warming weather, so get on the stoop and turn it up!


Volume 13 / March 2010

Pop’s Stacks

/ / /

  1. Talkin’ Wit Pops – Anthony & Frank Abbinanti
  2. Right Now – Herbiee Mann
  3. Fat City Strut – Mandrill
  4. Uno Esta – Bobbi Humphrey
  5. Umqokozo – Miriam Makeba
  6. We’re A Winner – The Impressions
  7. You’re Doing It With Her, When It Should Be Me – Rhetta Hughes
  8. Pfumvu Pa Ruzevha – Thomas Mapfumo
  9. “T” Plays It Cool – Marvin Gaye
  10. You Better Stop It – Barbara Mason
  11. Magnetic Feel – Enchantment
  12. Mira Como Los Pollos – Jack Constanzo
  13. People and the World – Roy Ayers Ubiquity
  14. Stormy – Gabor Szabo
  15. Bang, Bang – Joe Cuba
  16. You Be My Baby – Ray Charles
  17. Ethiopia – The Hiltonaires
  18. Y Vengo A Bailar – The Gilberto Sextet
  19. Lo Que Quiera Lola – Bobby Capo
  20. Listen Here – Mongo Santamaria
  21. We Got Latin Soul – Mongo Santamaria
  22. Navidad Negra – Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros

And here we go again. Put another nickel in the jik juke machine, put on a silk tie and order another egg cream cause we’re here with Part 13 in our Third Thursday Free Mixtape Series! Lucky 13 … This month we got a very personal mix for your Panama Ear Canals .. Pop’s Stacks. These are all tracks off records I’ve got from my dad, Frank Abbinanti .. though a couple tunes are off records he’s picked up for me at swap-meets and 2nd hand stores over the years. The man is/was an avid record collector amassing a significant collection of LPs and 45s since the late 1950s … and I attribute my propensity for meshing genres in songwriting and djing to being brought up listening to this kinda stuff …

I put this mix together a few years ago, and originally only shared it with friends .. judging by the response I got; I think you’ll dig it. Your brain will probably notice a penchant for latin, soul and latin/soul in the mix .. Some real gems in this set; including tracks what been sampled for your hip-hops, latin versions of Eddie Harris tunes, and tracks covered by Yesterday’s New Quintet …


Volume 11 / January 2010


/ / /

  1. A Very Special Message From Dick Clark – Dick Clark
  2. Sivaya – Alice Coltrane
  3. Clap Hands – Tom Waits
  4. Last Walk Around Mirror Lake (Boards of Canada Remix) – Boom Bip
  5. Dub Of Protection – King Tubby
  6. Jimmy Mack – Laura Nyro and Labelle
  7. Bakai – Archie Shepp
  8. Everybody Loves The Sunshine – Roy Ayers Ubiquity
  9. Footsteps In The Dark (Parts 1 & 2) – The Isley Brothers
  10. Black Man’s Cry – Fela Ransome-Kuti and The Africa 70
  11. Ain’t There Something Money Can’t Buy – The Young-Holt Unlimited
  12. Games People Play – Johnnie Taylor
  13. Freedom – David Axelrod
  14. Alfeila – Sami Rageb Trio

Hoodooyoudoo? Well, it’s late on a Thursday afternoon and in Drastopia that means it’s time for a visit from our resident DJ .. The Blends! Yes, it’s time for another installment of our Third Thursday Free Mixtape series .. Number-freakin-Eleven! This month’s installment is entitled Hypnagogia. A ten dollar word worth every penny. It’s really just a fancy word for that area your mind goes to before you fall asleep … when yer still kinda awake, but are still kinda dreaming, but still kinda asleep. It’s how I spent 90% of my CTA rides when I had to take the train to work. Hypnagogia Hallucinations. So strap on your granmas velcro shoes ’cause we’re going to some dark and strange aural areas. Let it be the crushed ice in the Tom Collin’s cocktail glass of your mind! Now quit reading and download it already!!


Volume 10 / December 2009


/ /

  1. Proud Mary – Ohio Players
  2. Proceed (Roy Ayers Mix) – The Roots
  3. El Negro Bembon – Cortijo Y Su Combo Original con Ismael Rivera
  4. Ya Mama (Cosby Mix) – Pharcyde
  5. I Miss You (Remix) – Bjork
  6. The Bridge Is Over (X-Rated Version) – KRS-ONE
  7. Jericho Skank – Jackie Mitoo & Ernest Ranglin
  8. Beatstumental Mix
    • The Prunes – D.S.B. Style
    • The Khromozomes – Seein’
    • Art & Science – Communication
    • DJ Vadim – Ghetto Rebels (Inst)
    • Palmskin Productions – Slipper Suite
    • Southside Crew – Time To Rock The Party
  9. We’ll Be There (10 second Remix) – People Under The Stairs
  10. Spread Love (2:20 Remix) – Bozo Meko
  11. Enamorado – Oscar D’Leon
  12. Back Door Santa – Clarence Carter
  13. Merry Christmas Baby – Otis Redding
  14. Christmas Time Growing Up
    • Christmas In The Stars
    • Beach Boys
    • Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
    • The Drifters
    • The Jackson 5
    • The O’Jays
    • The Ventures
    • Dodie Stevens
    • Miss Piggy
  15. This Christmas – Donny Hathaway
  16. Christmas Rappin’ – Kurtis Blow

Well, its 6am and I still haven’t gone to sleep so technically it’s still Thursday and so I’m in time for our Third Thursday Free Mix … Our 10th Mixtape! Good God, we actually made it to double digits ….. My brain is fried right now so pardon the brief description .. This month we present Potluck as the finger in the fjord of your ear canal.  So put on your wooden shoes and get ready for the storm.

Except for the self-contained Christmas-themed Mini-Mix at the end, this collection makes almost no sense. We got soul into hiphop into latin into downtempo electronic into ska …

Eclecticism is the theme.

Happy Holidays ya’ll.


Volume 9 / November 2009


/ /

  1. Intro – King Stitt
  2. Rock and Groove – Bunny Wailer
  3. Dub and Groove – Bunny Wailer
  4. Hap Ki Do Version – Augustus Pablo
  5. You Rest On My Mind – Naggo Morris
  6. You Rest On My Mind Dubwise – Bullwackie
  7. Look Out For The Devil Version – Junior Dan
  8. Juggernaut Dub – King Tubby
  9. Third World Shuffle – Mercenarys
  10. Natty Dread A Weh She Want – Tappa Zukie
  11. Rub A Dub A Weh Them Want – Musical Intermidates
  12. Our Man Flint – Lloyd Young and Augustus Pablo
  13. Harvest in the East – Tommy McCook and The Impact Allstars
  14. Heavenly Dub – King Tubby
  15. Dub Along the Shore – Dr. Ring-Ding & Victor Rice
  16. Rasta Locks – Derrick Harriott
  17. Touch A Dub – Phyllis Dillon
  18. One Way Love – Barry Brown
  19. One Way Dub – Scientist

Yes yes ya’ll and ya don’t stop! To the beat ya’ll and ya don’t stop. We got the rhythm that’ll make ya body rock.

Aight, now that we got that out the way, welcome back, and please to be considered for you prompt consideration … another Third Thursday, another Mix Tape for ya courtesy of The Blends! This month’s collection is titled “Cornucopious” as a sort of early Thanksgiving treat for ya’ll good lil pilgrims out there. The tracks are mostly dubs and versions of pretty chilled out reggae joints, in some cases we’ve included the original and the version for contrast .. but there’s no “Mayflower” or “Turkey” themes on any of these tunes … just hard hittin reggae jams for ya lil cranberry sauce filled earholes!!


Volume 8 / October 2009


/ /

  1. Intro – Reiner & The Blends
  2. Comin’ On Strong – Hepcat
  3. Snatching It Back – Clarence Carter
  4. Magic’s Wand – Whodini
  5. Magic Carpet Ride – Steppenwolf
  6. Compared To What? – Roberta Flack
  7. Jokes Fro Redd – Redd Foxx
  8. Dig On It – Jimmy McGriff
  9. Oh My God – A Tribe Called Quest
  10. Lovely Day – Bill Withers
  11. Time Tough – Toots & The Maytals
  12. I Want You Back – The Jackson 5
  13. Day To Day – Apani B
  14. Rock Steady – Aretha Franklin
  15. For Once In My Life – Stevie Wonder
  16. Alone Again – The Slackers

And here we go once again … gonna keep this entry short and sweet cause I gotta finish squeezing the OJ. So this month we place on the altar of your aural consciousness; Instajam! This is the first mix up here that isn’t strictly reggae .. it’s a collection of some of my favorite tunes, plus tracks that just make ya nod ya head … nawsayin? Now drink the whole thing or you don’t get none of Uncle Abbinanti’s famous chocolate covered biscuits n gravy for dessert!!!!


Volume 7 / September 2009


/ /

  1. I’m Sweaty – Tom Riley
  2. Tommy’s Rocking Vibration – Tommy McCook
  3. Love Devine – John Holt
  4. Jah Rock Style – Jackie Mittoo
  5. When Revelution Come – Big Youth
  6. Cool Down The Pace – Gregory Isaacs
  7. Close To Jah – The Skatalites
  8. Rocking Time – Burning Spear
  9. Pepper Rock – Prince Jazzbo
  10. Stick By Me – Dennis Brown
  11. Ghost Capturer – J. Gibbs Allstars
  12. Sweet Loving – Lennie Hibbert
  13. Don’t Rock My Boat – Bob Marley & The Wailers
  14. Dinah – J. Higgs
  15. Here I Stand – Justin Hinds & The Dominoes
  16. Come Running Back – Ken Boothe
  17. Come Running Back Version – Coxsone Dodd
  18. Occupation – Cedric Brooks & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari

Well here we go! Back to our regularly scheduled program so put your little busted-ass Speak ‘n Spell down and take that damn Play-Doh out ya mouth! I know it says it ain’t toxic but what if someone else wants to play with it? Ever think of that? Nah, you didn’t did ya? Cause yer too busy practicing yer long division on yer damn Speak n’ Math while shoving yer lil bitch mouth full of Mallomars like it’s goddamn Halloween! Now listen up … it’s another Third Thursday and YES, it’s time for another Free Mix … Part 7 in our series.

Finally had a minute to get a new mix together and so this month we are taking a hard look at long-standing Drastic hornsman Tom Riley. For some reason I always associate ol’ MushMouth Riley with Studio One, ethereal whistling, and instrumentals … Tom is also a big fan of the ska-steady beat … that kind of ska that’s so slow as almost to be rocksteady, but it’s definitely NOT rocksteady … well, if you don’t know what I’m talking, check out the later half of this mix and then go watch some Golden Girls reruns for christ sake. I didn’t even tell ol’ T-Bot Rizzle that I was doing this so he’ll probably be just as surprised as you! So this one goes out to the White Larry Bird of the Tenor … Uncle Term Rerry.


Volume 6 / August 2009

Reggae House Party

/ / /

  1. Dust A Soundboy – Super Beagle
  2. Bam Bam (Version) – Techniques Band
  3. Walk Away From Love – Bitty McLean
  4. You’ve Changed – Al Campbell
  5. Go If You Want – Buju Banton
  6. Take A Ride – Al Campbell
  7. The Rights – Johnny Osbourne and Buru Banton
  8. Bad Boys – Barry Brown
  9. The Big Match – Lone Ranger
  10. Bobby Babylon Pt. 2 – Freddie McGregor
  11. Why Keep A Good Man Down – The Immortals
  12. Why Keep A Good Man Down Dub – The Immortals
  13. Sing Along – Scotty
  14. Guidance – Derrick Harriot
  15. Badness A Madness – Yellowman
  16. Isso (Victor Rice Dub) – Strikkly Vikkly
  17. Till Sun’s In Our Eyes (Version) – DJ Vadim and Demolition Man
  18. No More Crying – The Slackers
  19. Are You Satisfied? (Instrumental) – J-Live
  20. East Of The River Nile – Augustus Pablo

We teamed up with our friend Andrew Barker over at Musical Occupation to host this month’s free mix tape! If you’re not familiar with Musical Occupation, they put up a consistent amount of great content: ska/reggae news, interviews, podcasts, etc … check ‘em out!

This month I had to dig deep into the vaults as I was overwhelmed trying to finish up our MJ A Rocker project in-time for MJs birthday. So after perusing the warehouse I decided to dust off the very first mix I ever made .. Reggae House Party! These tunes are like a slow cooker, perfect for chillin’ out too, or (if the feeling’s right) gettin’ up and shakin’ it to .. ! I’m pretty sure this dates back to 2006, and for those of you who have collected the previous 5 mixes, you’ll probably notice a few rough edges on this one, but it’s still a solid play!


Volume 5 / July 2009

Cool Down The Pace

/ /

  1. King Of Zion Dub – King Tubby/Brad Osbourne
  2. Tubbys Daddy Dub – Roots Radics
  3. Grumbling Dub – The Upsetters
  4. Tribal War Version – Little Roy
  5. 23rd Version – Super 8 Corporation
  6. Love Me Little Girl – Jnr Moore
  7. Lippy – The Crystalites
  8. Jah Peoples Dub – Linval Thompson
  9. Wa Di Is Free – Scientist
  10. Human Nature Version – Jr. Reid
  11. Jah Jah See Them Come Version – Culture
  12. Shango – The Revolutionaires
  13. Sunshine Dub – Prince Douglas
  14. Roots of Africa – Tommy McCook
  15. Prophesy – Horace Andy
  16. Lovelight Crucial Version – The Tamlins
  17. Killa Dub – King Tubby
  18. Serious Time Version – The Heptones and Lee Perry Allstars

Oh yeah! Santa comes early like Christmas in July and a monkey with a gun with an preemptive installment of our Third Thursday Mixtape Series! For those of you who liked our “Drastics Profile Series”, we will be bringing those back once the team at DrasticConLabCo returns from the field with the results of our remaining personnel.

So for this month we’ve dusted off archives once-again and pulled up “Cool Down the Pace” in honor of Chicago’s latest heat wave. A tasty chilled out and dubby kind of mix … perfect for a summer day just cruising or stone cold lampin’ on ya stoop. This one comes from back in August of 2008 and was actually done while both my arms were in casts. A sort of “f you” to fate for putting me in that condition, I needed to prove that I could still be productive … Anyhow , I dug a little deeper for this compilation which features more obscure names like Super 8 Corporation, Junior Moore and Prince Douglas … Except for a handful, all of the cuts used on this mix are B-Side dubs .. the A-sides used were just too hard to pass up


Volume 4 / June 2009

Down ‘n Dirty Rocksteady


  1. Let Him Try – Alton Ellis
  2. Lonely Man – Scotty
  3. Congo Call – Bob Andy
  4. Real Hot – Lennie Hibbert
  5. Swinging Chariot – Derrick Harriott
  6. Undying Love – Al Campbell
  7. Undying Dub – Al Campbell
  8. Moody Dub – The Techniques
  9. Once Ago – Gregory Isaacs
  10. Whipping the Prince – The Soul Vendors with Alton Ellis
  11. Rock Fort Shock – Price Francis
  12. Natural Natty – the Mighty Diamonds
  13. Young Love Version – Barbara Jones with Big Youth
  14. Puppy Love – The Heptones
  15. Puppy Love Version – The Heptones
  16. Puppy Love – Tiger
  17. Since I Fell For You – Alton Ellis
  18. Stop The Fussing & Fighting – Byron Lee & the Dragonaires
  19. Liquidator – The Harry J. All Stars

Ahhhhhhh yes …. gather ’round the fire all you rosy-cheeked little cherubs, it’s time for another installment of our Third Thursday Mixtape Series! Those astute readers might recall that in our last episode I had a premonition this month’s issue would be in honor of Tom’s upcoming shotgun wedding and would be packed full of lovey-love-lover’s rock tunes ‘n what not. Well, we’re once again a day late and a dollar short. At the last minute, Tom was all like “oh, hey, can you do the music for my wedding, but, like, I don’t want you to have to DJ so can you just make the mix ahead of time, and it needs to be like about 90 minutes and can you get it to me soon so I can tell you how much I need changed” (liberties in actual conversation were taken for this dramatic reenactment). So yeah, long story even longer, I didn’t have time to complete a lovely mixtape as all the time I could allot over the last couple weeks for the DJing was devoted to the “non-typical but still cool wedding music” mix.

But fear not fair denizen of the deep, I just pulled an old mix out the vaults, made up some artwork and voila! SO! This month we have Down ‘n Dirty Rocksteady. I realize (now, literally right now as I type this) that the title might be misconstrued as meaning a “slack” or “x-rated” mix, but what I meant was this is a sort-of no-frills mix. I think this mix was made in fall of ’07, and was one of those “I should make a rocksteady tape” thing … don’t feel like I even dug that deep into my own records to make this one, just whatever was hanging around the turntables …

What do the stars hold for next month!? Madam Zoltran forsees good things in your future …


Volume 3 / May 2009


/ /

  1. The Uniques – Love and Devotion
  2. The Heptones – Fattie Fattie Dub
  3. U-Roy – Natty Rebel
  4. Scientist – Girlfriend in Dub
  5. Bitty McLean – A Cruising
  6. The Hurricanes – You Can Run
  7. Cedric Im Brooks – Mun-Dun-Gu
  8. Big Youth – Feed A Nation
  9. Alton Ellis – Willow Tree Dub
  10. The Termites – Have Mercy Mr. Percy
  11. Freddie McGregor – Reggae Feeling
  12. Original Survivors – Come Away Jah Children
  13. T.S.O.S.A. – Theme for Ras ‘G’
  14. Justin Hinds & The Dominoes – Do All The Good
  15. The Skatalites – Rocky Road
  16. Bob Marley & The Wailers – Cry To Me
  17. Lee Perry & The Upsetters – Wind Up Doll
  18. The Aggrovaters & King Tubby – Straight To Jackson’s Head
  19. Gregory Isaacs – Hot Stepper
  20. Roots Radics/Scientist – Dance Of The Vampires
  21. Barrington Levy – Under Mi Senci (High Grade Mix)
  22. The Wailing Souls – Fire Coal Man

Wow! Well … look at this … another month another mixtape for ya’ll to download … thanks to everyone who has downloaded the previous months … they should still be available but if not, feel free to give a holla … This month I’ve gratuitously profiled myself, so it’s more just a collection of tunes I like rather than an actual cross section of the reggae part of my brain … I like alot of styles of Jamaican music but as you’ll hear (and may be surprised that) I really really like catchy rocksteady jams … especially if they’re about loves lost … couldn’t exactly tell you why …

Next month up on the chopping block is our dear dear tenor saxophonist Tom Riley. For those of you who don’t know, Tom’s getting hitched in June! So instead of just doing a profile, I’ll do my best to commemorate the occasion by putting together a mix of strictly lovers rock, lovey dovey and generally sappy kinda jams … Can’t you just feel the love?


Volume 2 / April 2009


/ /

  1. Chris Merrill – How To Drink Mad Prof’s Cognac
  2. Sizzla -I Got To (Raw)
  3. Sun is Shining Version – Bob Marley & The Wailers
  4. Strikkly Vikkly- Isso
  5. T.S.O.S.A. – 9 to 5 Dub
  6. King Tubby – Long Run Dub
  7. Barrington Levy/Beenie Man – Murderation
  8. Barrington Levy/Beenie Man – Dub Murder
  9. Roots Radics/Scientist – Fighting Radics
  10. The Hardy Boys – Chucky Dub
  11. Tristan Palmer – Miserable Woman
  12. Roots Radics – Miserable Version
  13. Yellowman – Ganja Business
  14. Little Joe – Gun Court
  15. I Kong – The Way It Is Version
  16. Lee Perry & The Full Experience – Disco Devil Dub
  17. Gregory Isaacs – Hush Darling
  18. Tenor Saw – How Water Walk Go Pumpkin Belly
  19. Chaka Demus & Pliers – Gal Wine (Dance Hall Mix)
  20. The Upsetters – Panta Rock

Whoa …OK, well …. I just slept on this months’ installment of the Third Thursday Mix … today just feels like the Third Thursday of the month so it’s when I had planned on dropping this mix (the mix itself has been ready since last month) and that’s what we’s all bout round here … feel …. not no special calendars aligned to a papal decree or stone henge or ancient Mayan pyramids or what have you … OK!?

This month I’ve profiled Drastic bassman, bassie, bassist Chris … Definitely more on the heavy and dub side than Bijan’s mix, we open this collection of jams with Chris explaining how to properly drink a bottle of cognac we stole obtained legally after we opened for Mad Prof. After that it’s more or less just that gangsta style …


Volume 1 / March 2009



  1. Mighty Diamonds – I Need A Roof
  2. U-Roy – Crashie Sweepie
  3. Gregory Isaacs – Dread Locks Love Affair
  4. Black Uhuru – Happiness
  5. Eek-A-Mouse – Assassinator
  6. Al Campbell – Come Fi Test
  7. Horace Andy – My Time
  8. Cartlon & The Shoes – Don’t Change
  9. Errol Dunkey – OK Fred
  10. Warreika Hill Sound – Throne
  11. Bob Marley & The Wailers – No Woman No Cry
  12. Toots & The Maytals – Fever
  13. Bijan Warner – All Night Long
  14. Burning Spear – No More War
  15. The Meditations – Running From Jamaica
  16. The Wailing Souls – War
  17. Pablo Moses – In The Future
  18. Night Nurse – Just Enough

So we decided to start a collection of reggae mixes each profiling a member of the group here … We all (obviously) like Jamaican music but we all like certain styles a lil more than others … This month to kick things off I humbly offer The Bijan Mix. There’s something very specific to the kind of jams Bijan gets down on … specific to the point that amongst the group the term “Bijan-Reggae” is used without definition to describe certain tunes … the tunes are usually steppers-reggae with 3 part male harmonies in falsetto … and there’s usually something a lil cheeseball about it too … but in a good way. Obviously not every joint on this mix is steppers or has three part harmony, but they all make out (at least in my mind) where this guy’s coming from … Part of the reason for making the Bijan tape (beside the fact it was easy for me) is Mr. Warner has departed the keys chair in pursuit of more scholarly and worldly conquests, and we all wish him well … so think of this as a lil send off …