Tuesday / August 10 / 2010

Michigan This Weekend & 2nd Tuesday is the New 1st Tuesday



The Drastics at The Loading Dock in Traverse City, MI: August 13 2010

The Drastics at Billy's in Grand Rapids, MI: August 14 2010

That’s a booya! The Drastics will be heading north into the great Northern Open this next weekend and hitting Traverse City (at The Loading Dock) and Billy’s in Grand Rapids! This will be our first time in both these cities so we’d love to see you and love for you to spread the word! We’ll have Fada Dougou ‘pon the mic spitting hotta flame so make sure you wear yer lil asbestos drawers so ya don’t get burnt like Kurt Russell!!!!

OH HEY! Ya know what else is cool? You remixing, re-dubbing, re-working and generally mussing up some Drastic riddims. But … how? By downloading the newest in yet another new Drastics series … this time of DIY mix-packs (sort of a series within a series .. this month it’s sitting in for our belated First Tuesday release) . Up first we have Fidelity which originally appeared on our "Chicago Massive" album. The free-for-download DIY album contains stereo drums, bass, rhythm, and stereo auxiliary sounds … Just don’t go muxin’ or melfin’ or mylin’ around with these tracks now … jussamussin … hit up the lil application below or get to our BandCamp page (thedrastics.bandcamp.com) and git’a'downloadin …

This is by no means a competition, but we’d love to hear what you do with our tunes, so send any of your re-workings to contact@thedrastics.com.

Our new album is also still in production … we are back on track after a near-studio-meltdown and are getting all our ducks in a row before pulling the trigger on this one. Best be ready those cause this is gonna be 10 solid shots to the dome kid .. with some very extra-special guests!!

And in super advance warnings, we are going to be traveling EAST the first week of November .. expect to find us in PA, NY, VT and some more of America’s classiest states November 2-7.

Oh yeah, AND we’re now on the Reverb Nation and can find us at www.reverbnation.com/thedrastics.

<a href="http://thedrastics.bandcamp.com/album/drastics-diy-series-fidelity" _fcksavedurl="http://thedrastics.bandcamp.com/album/drastics-diy-series-fidelity">Drums (Left) by The Drastics</a>