We got a new site going here! Some new content and a fresh new look. We’ll be rotating the tracks up on the MP3 player every couple weeks or so … mostly with unreleased cuts, live tracks or versions … The biggest change is this blog… kids love blogs right??  Blogs and 95 cent hot dogs.  We’ll be adding content here pretty regularly including record reviews (like the one below), show reviews, oatmeal recipes, rants, pinwheel tricks, etc etc … So basically this is gonna be like one big pizza bowl-a-rama party, but like 24/7 and with minigolf and pony rides in a bingo parlor made completely out of door knobs, but not the regular metal ones, like the ones at yer grandmas house that look like one big piece of crystal diamond zirconium covered in a nice cheese sauce all on an astroturf lawn … and now we have to get back to work, this game ain’t gonna score itself!!!