Monday / April 19 / 2010

Livejournal is for Lovers Russians



Livejournal. Remember that? No? No worries! Unless you were an elitist high school emo girl in the early 2000s you have very little reason to check it out. Slightly better than Friendster and slightly worse than Myspace, Livejournal was (is) a sort of Proto-Blogger/Social Network platform that allows people to blog, create fan communities and generally introduce loads of garbage onto the internet. I’ve personally never had an account and the few times The Google took me within their domain I was greeted with that image of "girl-with-gun-to-head-and-butterflies-coming-out-the-other-side" faaaaar too many times. So Livejournal … what is it good for? Awesome weird stuff from Russia, that’s what! LJ seems to have done a good job of clearing all the spammy/porno sites outta their kingdom and that’s left room for sweet sweet vodka influenced postings, Asian chicks selling homemade clothes, and racists! How do I know? From this image aggregator that pulls all the most recent image posts from LJ users. It’s been a secret weapon of sorts while blogging on other sites .. it’s definitely a crap shoot but if you refresh that page a couple times a day you’re bound to hit on something that just compels you to find out more. Not for the timid however, you’ll still run across some cold-nasty porno and racists .. but it wouldn’t be the internet without it.

Anyways, I sometimes collect images from the site and so as a sort of non-content blog post: here’s a bunch of weird stuff to wrap your mind around …