Sunday / June 27 / 2010

Inna (80s) Dancehall Style



Years ago, my boy Marty hooked me a sampler called "A Fashion Statement" .. basically a label sampler from "Fashion Records" .. served as a good introduction to the world of British/Jamaican DJs and the style of the era. This track is on it and up until today had no idea there was a sweet video for it …

Smiley Culture – Cockney Translation (Real Rock Riddim)

The boys in The Pinstripes posted this video a few weeks ago, but it’s still some awesome footage .. Tippa Irie and Saxon Sound live on British TV .. not sure what program … Worth it just for his little dance everytime the chorus drops!

Tippa Irie – Complain Neighbor (Agony Riddim)


Toyan, Josey Wales, Lee Van Cliff rockin’ the mic at the infamous Skateland in Jamaica .. this is crucial footage!

Sleng Teng performed on some sort of dijeridoo live in Brooklyn circa ’87!

Ninjaman VS Supercat .. I’ve had the bootleg audio of this for a while and never knew there was accompanying video .. I love Ninjaman, and he comes pretty correct in this battle … the crowd definitely thinks so … Supercat definitely "fights" dirty calling Ninjaman a pussy over and over again while Ninja takes the higher route .. I know its from ’91 but it’s still a killah!