Friday / March 13 / 2009

Indefinite Awareness of Existence



Dear Phillip,

It was great to hear from you old friend. It feels like its been years since we’ve had any correspondence. Your mysterious disappearance from the 7th House of the Knighted Chosen Specimens proved to be disappointing at the least. Everyone was worried that you didn’t survive the bridge troll at the border of the McDougal/Colgrove farms on the Ezekial River. You never cease to amaze me Phillip.

Your father got in touch with me last May and inquired about your whereabouts. As usual I told him I had no idea where you were or what had happened. Unfortunately this time I was telling the truth. Your letter wasn’t all that in formative as to what has happened in the past few years. Perhaps you could fill me in and put my mind at ease. Your father is sick and needs your help. I’m sending a map to the cabin he’s been hiding out at. Directions must be followed exactly as written. It seems you’ve gotten in touch with me at the time in which your help is needed most. Don’t let me down.