Tuesday / May 04 / 2010

Here Comes The Bass / Earl Warren




The Drastic's Single Series: Here Comes The Bass and Earl Warren Ska
Cover photo by Nic "The Graduate" Gourguechon

Let’s go kids, time to get back up off yer outside playing around and get back inside in front of the damn computer screen! Cause we got a MASSIVE SOUND for you this month .. and until we release it on the iTunes you gotta listen to it online! Save the CDs and Damn the bandwidth! Yes, this month we got a big tune featuring our regular vocal partner in crime MC Zulu .. Here Comes The Bass with accompanying instrumental version Earl Warren Ska!

This tune does require a bit of the ‘ol backstory … See, we here in La Casa de Drastique don’t really "do the ska" too often (though we get labeled and thrown on ska bills cause we’re white dudes playing Jamaican music, but that’s a rant for another day) but we do appreciate the hell out of The Skatalites, Desmond Dekker, et. al…. because of that we do keep one trad ska tune in the repertoire. That one tune was titled "Jack Ruby" and was written by our old cohort Mr. Corey Dixon. The version recorded and put up today is slightly different than the original in that the whole melody has been reinterpreted.

Corey wrote "Jack Ruby" as a sort of response to the Skatalites tune "Lee Harvey Oswald" … See, when the Skatalites perform live, it is not uncommon to hear Lloyd Brevett say "Who killed JFK?" before the band drops into the Oswald Ska. So Mr. Dixon thought it clever to start up a tune with "Who killed Lee Harvey Oswald?" .. "Jack Ruby" … Then we thought it even MORE clever to start our version of the tune with "Who Killed Jack Ruby" … well, the answer to that would be lung cancer .. and, frankly "Lung Cancer Ska" doesn’t have the ring to it we’d like .. So we settled on "Who prosecuted Jack Ruby under the LBJ appointed commission to investigate the assassination of JFK?" .. Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court Earl Warren .. that’s who!

Anyway, enough of the past, on to the future! MC Zulu took the riddim and spit hot-double-time-fire on it inna dancehall style! I know this phrase get’s used alot on this blog, but we’re pretty sure you t’aint heard nothing like this before (unless you’ve been to our live show) … Turn up the bass and let it rip brother!