Once again!
Well the last website was a test of technology .. We tried to implement some really new (for the time) web-techniques that glitchily worked with mixed results. I’m pretty sure the 2% of web users that use Safari never saw our fair website function properly .. and for that we are truly sorry. But now we’ve decided to just aGWAN and move the whole thing onto a much friendlier platform. So here we are.

Hey Look! An actual music page and upcoming events page page! Yes! And you can actually buy our music now through the music page! Oh crap! Things that bands typically have but we have been without for years! So go on n buy something already!

Our previous ‘Free’ section has now been moved to ‘Mixtapes’ where the nearly 30 (as of this post) free mixtapes from the Palmdown Sound vaults have been posted. We’re still in the process of cleaning up the site and getting posts like these Strictly Vinyl Reviews organized into nice ‘lil categories for ya.

Anyway, yeah .. We’re working on a mobile-friendly version of the site and we’re going to try to leave this ‘Blog’ section for actual ‘Blog’ type entries .. Maybe write some stuff, disseminate some info, videos, reviews, etc .. Until then … Cheers suckaz!